Happy Room

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Happy Room Overview

Before you start this game, I want to remind you that Happy Room is a terribly violent genre game. It cannot be suitable for children or in some places such as workplaces. So we want you to consider before playing it. However, in my assessment, Happy Room is an extremely funny game. You can play Happy Room at home, it's online and 100% free without installing anything on your computer.

Now let's check some information about this game. I bet you will find it interesting and want to play it right away.

Your mission is to escape from Happy Room, a bloody test room simulator. At first, you conduct the test of human clones. You can use a very wide mixture of powerful weapons from machine guns, knives, flamethrowers, rockets to a black hole. Combine them with your own fantasy skills to destroy the test subjects.

Everything seems to be cruel and mysterious? Don't worry, just do whatever you want and cause as much damage as possible in the laboratory. Free yourself from the traps and finish your task. You can upgrade and unlock all new weapons.